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Free Motion Quilting

Quilting Tools You Need for Basting and Quilting Your Quilt - Learn about the basic supplies you'll need to have in order to baste and then quilt your first quilt.

Choosing the Best Batting for Your Quilts - After all the money you've invested in your quilt with tools, fabric, and thread, you now need to chuck out even more money for batting! Learn why this is one step you shouldn't skimp on either.

Introduction to Free Motion Quilting - Want to get started free motion quilting? Learn how to break free of your walking foot and what other materials you will need to quilt like a pro!

How to Break Your Darning Foot - Learn how to break your darning foot so it works much better for free motion quilting on your home sewing machine.

Do I Have to Drop my Feed Dogs? - Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to drop our feed dogs (or struggle to figure out HOW to drop them) before free motion quilting? Read through this article and learn why Leah NEVER drops her feed dogs.

365 Days of Free Motion Quilting Filler Designs - Looking for new free motion designs to add to your quilts? Check out Leah's project: designing and quilting a new free motion stitch every day for the next year.

Free Motion Quilting How to Keep Your Lines Even - Quilting straight lines in free motion can be tricky. Get tips and tricks from Leah in this demonstration video.

5 Tips for Beginners - Just getting started with Free Motion Quilting? Get some tips from Leah on to keep your stitches even and consistent and your speed under control.

Quilting Machine Setup - You can quilt any quilt, even king sized quilts, on a domestic sewing machine if you follow Leah's advice on setting up your tables and sewing station with the right tools and supplies.

How to Hide Your Quilting Threads - Stop clipping your threads off! Learn how to hide your threads inside your quilt properly and quickly with a cheater needle.

Stippling and Microstippling - Learn about the most popular free motion quilting stitch and watch 2 videos on how to stitch this both wide and loose and very tight and dense.

McTavishing - Discover a stitch developed by Karen McTavish and see a few new variations of this awesome design as well.

Pebbling - Possibly one of the richest textures in the quilting world, learn about pebbling and how beautifully it can fill the surface of your quilts.

Paisley - This is 4th most popular quilting filler and one of the easiest to master. Watch how to quilt it with a video tutorial by Leah Day.

Blocking Your Quilt - Once your quilt is completely quilted, it's time to get it ready to hang on a wall or drape on your bed. Learn how to block and square your quilt so it always looks perfect.

How to Attach Quilt Binding by Machine - Learn how to cut your binding strips and seam them together, then watch how to attach binding to your quilt, and turn corners. Finally, finish your binding perfectly with a buttonhole stitch and mitered corners.

How to Make a Quilted Jacket - Learn how to make a beautiful jacket that doesn't make you look like a snowman! Use Leah's technique for finishing your seams for a perfect double sided garment.

Quilt Piecing Applique Free Motion Quilting
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Product Reviews

How to Pick a Sewing Machine - There are lots of details to consider when picking the right sewing machine for sewing, piecing, or quilting. Read this article to get Leah's list of features and tips for picking your machine.

Do You Really Need to Use Fabric Crayons? - Watch a video demonstration of Leah showing the difference between fabric crayons and regular crayons.

Quilt Piecing Applique Free Motion Quilting
Product Reviews Video Logs Question Thursday Posts
Fun Projects  Stencils About Leah Day

Video Logs

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Quilt Piecing Applique Free Motion Quilting
Product Reviews Video Logs Question Thursday Posts
Fun Projects  Stencils About Leah Day

Fun Sewing Projects

How to make a top fitted sheet - Tired of your top sheets pulling up and getting tangled up? Learn how to add an elastic edge along the bottom so the top sheet fits the mattress and stays tucked in at the bottom of your bed.

Quilt Piecing Applique Free Motion Quilting
Product Reviews Video Logs Question Thursday Posts
Fun Projects  Stencils About Leah Day

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