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Water Soluble Thread

100 meter spool of YLI Wash-Away Thread

What in the world is "water soluble thread?"

Water soluble thread is thread that dissolves in water.

Why would we want thread to dissolve?

Water soluble thread is used in advanced quilting techniques, like trapunto, to hold fabrics or batting together securely, but temporarily.

This thread is used in quilts where you need the fabrics to be held together, but you don't necessarily want the thread to show up in the finished quilt. At some point, you will soak the project in water and wash out the water soluble thread leaving only the regular thread and fabric behind.

For example, you can use water soluble thread to anchor an applique to your quilt top. The thread will hold the fabric in place securely, just like regular thread.

After the quilting process is completely finished and your applique is firmly secure with many quilting stitches, you can immerse your whole quilt in water to dissolve the threads that originally held your applique in place. Now you have a beautifully quilted applique, with no sign of zigzag stitching along the edges!

Tips for using Water Soluble Thread:

  • Carefully open the resealable ziplock package so you can use the small bag again to store the thread. Water soluble can weaken from moisture in the air, so you'll need to keep it the small sealed bag it is packaged in.
  • Water soluble thread can be used as both top and bobbin thread. Using it in both places ensures all the stitching dissolves out of your project once it's no longer needed.
  • This thread is delicate. To reduce thread breaks, dial down your top tension to 1, and try many different needles until you find one that works well with this thread.
  • Don't bother to pick out thread nests - this thread will dissolves so any issues will dissolve away with it!
  • Mark your bobbin wound with water soluble thread with a black dot using a sharpie so you never confuse this thread with regular white thread.


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