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Supreme Slider

A Supreme Slider is a 100% Teflon sheet designed to make your quilt easier move smoothly while free motion quilting on your home sewing machine.

The white surface of the Supreme Slider is very slick and helps your quilts glide easily over the surface of your sewing machine and table. Pulling and tugging on big quilts can put a lot of strain on your arms and shoulders, which can make free motion quilting a chore rather than a fun hobby.

The Supreme Slider makes your quilts easier so you can spend more time finishing your quilts quickly and beautifully with a variety of free motion quilting designs.

The bottom side of the Supreme Slider grips your sewing machine without any sticky residue. Of course, the slider will work best if your machine is set up on a flush surface with your table.

Learn how to use your Supreme Slider properly in this video with Leah:

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Four Easy Steps for Successful Free Motion Quilting:

  1. Attach your free-motion foot.
  2. Lower your feed dogs if you want to.
  3. Position the Supreme Slider with pink side down on the sewing bed with the needle centered in the pre-punched hole. You may want to secure the slider to your table or machine with tape just to ensure it does not shift on the machine while quilting.
  4. Turn the handwheel to pull bobbin thread up through the hole.

The Supreme Slider measures 8" x 11.5," with a hole in the center for your needle to pass through. If the slider is a bit big for your machine, you can easily trim down the surface with scissors to fit your machine perfectly.

Please note: It is highly advisable to tape down the corners of the Supreme Slider to your machine bed before using for the first time. This is a very delicate tool and until you get used to the feel of it on your machine, it can be very easy to stitch through it accidentally!

If you're interested in supersizing your Supreme Slider, definitely check out the Queen Sized Supreme Slider.

ultimate quilting kit | free motion quilting suppliesThe Supreme Slider is also available in the Ultimate Quilting Kit, a collection of three tools that make free motion quilting on your home machine so much easier!

If the pink side of the Supreme Slider stops sticking to the surface of your machine, just rinse it off with cool water and allow it to dry flat. Lint can build up on the grippy side, so you will need to occasionally give your Supreme Slider a bath!

Special note from Leah: The Supreme Slider has radically changed the way I free motion quilt. Not only are my stitches smoother, more even, and controlled, the wear and tear on my body from fighting the drag of a heavy quilt is also greatly reduced.

I personally tape the Supreme Slider to my sewing machine table so that when I'm quilting a big quilt I don't have to worry about it moving or shifting under my work.

Important: After positioning the slider and your quilt, before quilting please flip up a corner of your quilt to ensure the slider is properly attached to the surface of your machine bed. If the edges start to pull up, please take the time to secure them with tape. If the slider shifts while quilting, you may stitch it to the back of your quilt. This will tear your slider and make it less effective at helping your quilt slide smoothly over the surface. If used properly and secured with tape as needed, a Supreme Slider can last for many years.


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