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Beginner Free Motion Quilting Fillers DVD

Ready to jump into free motion quilting on your home sewing machine?

In this 2 hour DVD, you will be guided through 30 of the best and most popular beginner level designs from the Free Motion Quilting Project. Each design for this video has been stitched clearly onto black fabric and white thread in high resolution video.

Learn not only how to quilt each design, but also how to put your blocks together using a fun Quilt-As-You-Go technique to create a Free Motion Quilting Sampler Quilt.

With extended videos on each pattern, you'll be able to see and understand many new free motion quilting techniques. With clear, easy to understand instructions from Leah Day, you're sure to gain the confidence you need to try each design.

This is a physical DVD disc that plays in all DVD players regardless of region code. The DVD is dual layer, meaning it holds twice as much information as a typical DVD. The run time is approximately 2 hours 12 minutes.

Here's a list of the designs you will learn in this DVD:
Stomach Lining
Modern Art
Mesh Curtain
Frog Eggs
Flowing Lines
Bubble Wand
Trailing Spirals
Wobbly Cosmos
Angle Spiral
Bamboo Forest
Leaf Veins
Square Spiral
Mario Vine
Flame Key
Super Daisy
Venn Diagram
Super Spiral
Left Turn, Right Turn
Lollipop Chain
Matrix Rays
Angle Turns
Basic Chevron
Pumpkin Patch
Desert Sand
Tear Drop Tree
Broken Glass
River Path
Oil Slick
Pointy Paisley


The 30 designs above are also featured in the book From Daisy To Paisley: 50 Beginner Free Motion Quilting Designs. This book features a clear, high quality photo or drawn illustration of each design and instructions on how to quilt the design in your quilts. This is a terrific reference tool for using the designs from the Beginner Free Motion Quilting Filler Designs DVD in your quilts.

Interested in what the beginner sampler quilt that you can make with this DVD? Take a look at what all the designs look like when quilted on small 6 inch blocks, then put together into a cool wall hanging:

free motion quilting dvd


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