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How to Cut Fabric with a Rotary Cutter

how to piece perfectly | how to make a quiltThe following article is a very small sample of the information found within my extensive guide on piecing, Stitch It Up a Notch: How to Piece Perfect Quilts.

Cutting out your fabric is the first step to creating a patchwork quilt and it's also the first place you can go wrong. Imprecise cutting can lead to imperfect blocks which can lead to a frustrating quilting experience.

Cutting your fabric precisely and accurately will greatly improve the overall look of your quilts and also increase the speed at which you can piece your blocks.

When you're being forced to compensate for missing seams or squared off points, your work tends to slow down. By starting out correctly with perfectly cut fabric pieces, your chances for quickly creating your quilt easily are greatly improved.

Step 1 - Prepare Your Fabric - Yes, the first step to rotary cutting is preparing your fabric properly.

Ironing and starching your fabric is also essential for cutting out all your quilt pieces straight and accurately.

Step 2 - Gather Your Cutting Supplies - You will need a rotary cutting mat, which is also called a self healing cutting mat. This means that you can cut on this mat with a rotary cutter and it will not leave a mark or scar the surface. Click on the link above to learn about the other supplies you will need for cutting fabric.

Step 3 - Square up your fabric - By giving your fabric a little wiggle you can ensure that your strips come out evenly. Most fabric is cut into strips and then cut into squares or rectangles. Unless your fabric is square, your strips will be cut off grain which can lead to problems with piecing your blocks.

Step 4 - Cut your fabric - Finally! Pick up your rotary cutter and go to town. Make sure to check out this video so you know how to cut most efficiently.

Watch this video to see exactly how Leah cuts her quilting fabric with a rotary cutter:

Click here if video does not appear

This information and cideo was taken from Stitch It Up a Notch, my comprehensive guide on piecing where you'll learn how to cut and piece your quilts perfectly with this full color digital guidebook and over 2 hours of video demonstrations.
how to piece perfectly | how to make a quilt

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